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Modern dentistry in Munich's “Fünf Höfe”

“Modern dentistry” is our mission and our philosophy. In our dental surgery in Munich, we combine traditional treatment methods with the latest technology to offer you the best possible therapy and the most pleasant experience.

As a long-established enterprise we have very high standards regarding the quality of our work. We believe in this promise and therefore give you a five year guarantee on restorations produced in our laboratories instead of the usual two years.

Within exceptional architecture we have created an ambience that will make you feel well cared for and comfortable both during and after treatment. The latest technology combined with natural materials make our dental practice in Munich the perfect place for our patients’ needs.

Every care provider is only as good as the team behind them. This is why we invest a lot of effort into the selection and development of every single staff member.


  • Dr Butz may be young, but he is a very experienced, high-class dentist. I very much appreciate his easy manner. He works very calmly, professionally and is extremely gentle. I never need a lot of explanations; everything he does just makes perfect sense. For me, he is an expert, whom I can only recommend.

    Beathe Haberkern
  • Six years ago, we moved back to our home town of Munich. Friends recommended Dr. Butz to us which was a real stroke of luck. We feel really well cared for by the whole team. (more…)

    Sigrun & Klaus Peter Toop
  • I did not expect such a welcoming atmosphere at the dentist’s, but at Dr. Butz and Partner this is what I received. Alongside this come the technically proficient treatment methods and very nice staff. I can absolutely recommend Dr. Butz and Partner.

    Ralph Fischer
  • What makes Dr. Butz and his team stand out is their high level of competence, a very modern practice, empathy, friendliness and a laboratory that really does make beautiful teeth.

    Ulrike Thiessen


In January of 2019, one of Munich’s most ambitious dental practices will have expanded its range of services to include specialised departments for oral surgery, orthodontics, and prosthetic dentistry on an overall area of 850 m².

Prophylaxis [#1] | Our team at Dr. Butz & Partner includes highly trained specialists who distinguish themselves within Munich by their technical competence in prophylaxis and their individual patient care. Each patient receives the treatment and personal support needed to lastingly and effectively maintain the natural health of the teeth.

Dental Treatment [#2] | Modern technology, specilisation and years of experience enable us to provide treatment at the highest level at any time – no matter how complex the medical problem may be. Radiation-free digital early detection ensures minimal therapy in order to avoid larger interventions.

Oral Surgery [#3] | In our new department for oral surgery, we can carry out operations from the entire spectrum of modern oral surgery. Patients can rely on the expertise of certified medical specialists, with a focus on surgical tooth preservation and implantology. Supervision by experienced anaesthetists furthermore allows for pain-free treatment under sedation.

Orthodontics [#4] | Under a single roof with renowned experts of orthodontics, interdisciplinary exchange will be the core competence of this extraordinary dental facility. The specialised orthodontic practice joined to our office offers all modern possibilities of treating malpositioned teeth and jaws, from lingual braces and Invisalign to classical methods.

Dental Laboratory [#5] | Our dental facility includes a state-of-the-art dental laboratory in which award-winning all-ceramic dental prostheses are manufactured. In this way, our practice can offer you perfect aesthetics without unnecessary waiting.

International College of Dentists (ICD)


The International College of Dentists (ICD) is an association dedicated to advancing the infrastructure of dental medicine and improving its quality all over the globe. It copes with this ambitious task in two ways: Firstly, it cultivates humanitarian efforts and gives dentists in less developed countries the opportunity to receive high-level training in their field; secondly, it brings together the best dentists of the world to enable productive exchange of ideas between them.

Since 1920, dentists who have distinguished themselves through “outstanding professional achievement, meritorious service and dedication to the continued progress of dentistry” are invited to join the organisation.

Fellows who in this way have been given the opportunity to use their special skills for the betterment of global dental care now can be found in 122 different countries. The ICD thus allows acclaimed dentists to extend the scope of their work far beyond the boundaries of their office.

As of 2018, Dr. Martin Butz has been honoured and humbled to be a fellow of this important and respectable organisation rich in history and tradition. We hope he will be able to be part of the association’s driving force in the future.

About us

Dentist Munich

Dear Patients,

A visit to the dentist is based on trust. The dentists and specialists at the practice of Dr. Butz und Partner in Munich will do everything in their power to make your visit and your treatment as pleasant and free of pain or anxiety as possible. In our spacious new dental practice in the Fünf Höfe in Munich, the dentists and the whole team here at Dr. Butz und Partner offer you the full range of modern dentistry. To optimise our production, we furthermore have our own, highly specialised digital dental laboratory for inlays, crowns, dental prostheses, sports mouthguards, snore guards and much more. We use only high-quality materials such as ceramics and special synthetics, which have been tested in independent studie; our products are made in Munich. Furthermore, due to the extensive possibilities of anesthesia, we at Dr. Butz und Partner in Munich are happy to offer you completely pain-free treatment. Whether with the commonly used local anesthetics or even general anesthesia: the dentists at Dr. Butz and Partner will design the treatment to your individual needs to make sure you already start treatment at our practice with a smile on your face.

Thanks to highly innovative techniques such as laser treatments we can minimize pain during drilling or whilst removing inflamed tissue and even eliminate pain entirely thanks to anesthetics. With our longtime expertise and cooperation with renowned specialists, our practice in Munich prides itself on healthy teeth and completely satisfied patients. Our focus at Dr. Butz und Partner in Munich has always been on prophylaxis, which in many cases can already help to ease pain. Thanks to regular checks, periodontal diseases are diagnosed and treated more quickly. Alongside the treatment emphases on full ceramics, implantology, and endodontics, aesthetic dentistry is our passion. Naturally the dentists at Dr. Butz und Partner are the right people to speak to when it comes to diagnosis and treatment of aftereffects resulting from jaw joint diseases. We want you to feel great again! The dentists at Dr. Butz und Partner in Munich work with the most modern computer technology, guaranteeing the highest level of functionality, design and quality. Trust your dentists at Dr. Butz und Partner in Munich. You will find our practice in the Fünf Höfe, in the very heart of Munich. You can reach us by car, by foot or by public transport: thanks to our central location we can ensure that getting here is as simple as possible.