Dental Prosthesis Munich

We offer various kinds of dental prostheses in our dental practice in Munich, from single-surfaced inlays to complex implants. Our master laboratory Cera-Technik specialises in the digital manufacturing of all-ceramic prostheses in Munich.
We have been following the development of digital dental technology since its beginnings 25 years ago and have helped shape it ourselves. Today, with our know-how, we can achieve results that far exceed conventional dental technology in terms of quality, cost, and speed. By virtue of experience, passion, and a drive to innovate, our dental laboratory in Munich has established itself as one of the largest providers in the European field.

Leading industrial and trade companies turn to consultants from Cera-Technik for advice when it comes to innovative dental technology.

Furthermore, we have a modern laboratory in our Munich dental practice where all products undergo a tight quality control from our dental technicians before they are allowed on their way to you.

Thus, we draw on specialised resources of the highest quality both in terms of personnel and technical equipment to individually produce the perfect dental prostheses for you.


You need an examination or treatment, but the thought alone makes you uncomfortable or even anxious? We have the latest technology to make your treatment the most relaxed of your life!

Dental Prosthetics Team:

Maria Pongratz ―
Master Dental Technician

Jasmin Risch ― Dental Technician