A dental practice where you can feel comfortable and at ease. Dr. Butz is the best recommendation I have ever received. A lot of people claim ot have the best dentist in Munich. I am convinced I actually have him. Even though I had my entire upper row of teeth completely restored, including implants and crowns, there never once was even a hint of pain. In one single operation, 9 implants were inserted at once, and some bone material was transplanted. Only 6 months later, I received my permanent new teeth. And thanks to a first-class dental technician, I can once again call beautiful, natural-looking teeth my own. The entire team is competent, nice, friendly, gentle. The professional tooth cleaning as well is brilliant. I can only recommend the whole team at Dr. Butz & Partner. I have the utmost confidence in all of them. There were also no problems whatsoever with my health insurance. Everything is simply perfect. I like going to the dentist. Who can claim that of themselves?