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Wisdom tooth removal at the oral surgery specialists in Munich – one of the most frequently necessary oral surgery interventions

The key things to know about having a wisdom tooth removed

Is it a good idea to have your wisdom teeth taken out?

As a vestigial evolutionary feature, wisdom teeth are often no longer able to line up correctly in our modern shortened jaws, causing inflammation, cysts, abscesses and displacement of the teeth. As wisdom teeth are often not easily accessible, it is difficult to clean them thoroughly and they increase the risk of caries. We would be happy to advise you at our dental practice in Munich and help you weigh up the individual pros and cons of having a wisdom tooth extracted.

What does wisdom tooth extraction involve?

Contrary to popular belief, wisdom tooth extraction is now a routine procedure. A local anaesthetic is normally sufficient and afterwards the symptoms are usually minor, depending on the healing of the wound.

What do I have to be careful about after having a wisdom tooth taken out?

After having your wisdom teeth removed, the usual guidelines for behaviour after surgery apply. As part of the operation, our experts will explain what you need to do. If you want to read the information for yourself, here you can find the comprehensive compilation of rules for post-operative behaviour. You may not be able to drive a vehicle after a procedure. If your operation involves anaesthetic, you will need someone to accompany you home safely.

Source: Dr. Sebastian Grunert, Dr. Butz & Partner, 01.06.2022, Munich

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Over the last few years, our dental practice in Munich has established itself as a professional and expert point of contact for all outpatient dental treatments. Thanks to many years of experience and teamwork, we can offer solutions and services for complex cases that were not previously possible in this form. We have received several awards in recognition of this. Our treatment methods are also the subject of numerous publications and lectures. We are one of the few practices in Germany that can offer you the option of participating in various renowned clinical studies. We have close links to research and can treat you using the latest materials and dentistry technologies.

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Removal of Wisdom Teeth Munich

Removal of Wisdom Teeth Munich

One of the fundamental maxims at the dental practice Dr. Butz & Partner is preferring tooth preservation to tooth replacement. Because no technology, no matter how advanced and modern, can surpass a natural row of teeth in functionality, our oral surgeons want to keep the state of your teeth as natural as possible.

Therefore, the removal of any dental structure or even one or more entire teeth only comes into question if at least one of the following criteria is met:

  • The dental structure is damaged without prospect of regeneration.
  • The dental structure poses an immediate risk for other structures in the body (e.g. causing further infections).

These criteria indicate a removal especially if the structure in question does not serve a function. One of the most common cases in which the second of the criteria above occurs in combination with lack of function is with wisdom teeth.

Reasons for removal of wisdom teeth Munich

Wisdom teeth, similarly to the tailbone or the appendix, are evolutionary vestiges of our ancient ancestors. In some people, the wisdom teeth still have enough space to emerge between the age of 15 and 30. In most cases, however, the human jaw has grown so short over the millennia that the wisdom teeth cannot stand next to the other teeth due to lack of space. Because of this, they sooner or later start to cause problems: They can exert pressure on other teeth and lead to inflammation, cysts and displaced teeth. They also are difficult to access for oral hygiene, which can facilitate tooth decay. For these reasons, among others, removal of the wisdom teeth is not only justified in many cases, but in fact absolutely necessary in order to preserve the health of the dental apparatus in the long term.

Procedure of removal of wisdom teeth Munich

The removal of wisdom teeth is one of the most common surgical interventions in oral surgery. At Dr. Butz & Partner in Fünf Höfe Munich, these operations are performed by experienced specialists of oral surgery who often perform several wisdom tooth removals per day with modern technology and a steady hand. The procedure can usually be carried out under local anaesthesia — according to necessity and your personal wishes, however, you can also have your wisdom tooth removal performed under sedation or general anaesthesia.

Through a timely removal of wisdom teeth, painful complications like inflammation or abscesses can be avoided, which in turn would make the removal of the wisdom teeth and the subsequent healing more difficult. You should therefore receive an early diagnosis whether your wisdom teeth give any reason to expect problems, and have them treated if necessary.

After a wisdom tooth removal Munich

After an operation removing wisdom teeth, you should follow the usual rules of post-operative behaviour. Here you can find a comprehensive compilation of rules for post-operative behaviour. However, like in any other case, our oral surgeons of Dr. Butz & Partner Munich will also inform you about important details and happily answer your questions. We care about your health — don’t hesitate to approach us. Your oral surgeon for wisdom tooth removal Munich.


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