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Gentle treatment with deep sedation at the oral surgery specialists in Munich

The key things to know about deep sedation

What is the difference between deep sedation and general anaesthesia?

Nowadays, undergoing oral surgery is quick and stress-free. At our practice in Munich, we work with experienced anaesthesiologists. The vast majority of major surgical interventions are carried out using what is known as analgosedation. You will be in a relaxed sleep but retain your protective reflexes.

What are the benefits of deep sedation?

During deep sedation, the entire procedure literally takes place while you are asleep. A lower heart rate means less swelling and less tendency to bleed after the procedure. The surgeon can focus on doing their best without being constrained. This reduces both the length of the operation and the risk of complications. Other useful medications are also administered via intravenous drip, which makes the period after the procedure as pleasant and uncomplicated as possible.

How is deep sedation monitored?

We only work with experienced and certified anaesthesiologists who have many years of experience in their field. Our top priority is ensuring maximum safety. We would be happy to advise you at our dental practice in Munich and look forward to your visit.

Source: Dr. Sebastian Grunert, Dr. Butz & Partner, 01.06.2022, Munich

Our practice in Munich

Our dental practice in Munich offers all outpatient treatments for tooth, mouth and jaw diseases, and we specialise in a wide variety of dental disciplines. From prophylaxis to oral surgery and orthodontics, you will always find the right person to carry out your dental treatment at our practice in Munich. We believe in safe planning and dental treatment according to the applicable guidelines and specifications set out by professional associations, and we have close links to university research and development.

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By far the best dental practice in Munich! Dr. Butz and his entire team are highly competent, extremely attentive and empathetic with their patients. As a patient, starting with the appointment, through regular tooth cleaning, to fillings and the removal of wisdom teeth you feel perfectly cared for and holistically well cared for.


Sedation and Anaesthesia Munich

Sedation and Anaesthesia Munich

As a dental and surgical institution, we at Dr. Butz & Partner regard it as our primary mission and obligation to maintain the health of our patients and restore it if problems arise. Beyond that, however, we also see ourselves as service providers. For this reason, we have made it part of our concept to not only deliver good treatment results, but also make the experience of a visit to our practice a positive one. This is the service we want to provide. However, regarding aspects such as dental anxiety and psychosomatic effects, this service also gains a medical component: The more effectively we can eliminate negative experiences and associations from our treatment process, the less likely it becomes that our patients avoid or put off necessary examinations or treatments.

Service of sedation and anaesthesia Munich

Thanks to the specialised education and years of experience of our oral surgeons as well as the outstanding technology for local anaesthesia of modern dentistry, our patients at Dr. Butz & Partner in Munich usually do not even have to feel the insertion of the needle anymore when administering the anaesthetic that makes them pain-free. Oral surgery today can therefore operate more quickly and stress-free than ever before. Still, there are situations where a form of anaesthesia should be used that not only influences the patient’s perception of pain, but also their consciousness. In our Munich oral surgery clinic, you can choose between two different procedures: Sedation and general anaesthesia.

In general anaesthesia, drugs which entirely deactivate the patient’s consciousness and awareness are administered intravenously. In this state of controlled unconsciousness, the supply of oxygen is maintained through mechanical ventilation.

In contrast to this, the drugs used in sedation only induce a state similar to deep sleep where artificial ventilation is not necessary.

Advantages of sedation and anaesthesia Munich

  • Complete exclusion of surgical interventions from the patient’s awareness.
  • Consistent monitoring of the patient’s cardiovascular system, blood pressure, oxygen supply and respiration from the first to the last second.
  • Shielding of the autonomic nervous system from stress hormones for mild treatment in cases of high blood pressure, heart disease, etc.
  • Less postoperative pain and need for medication thanks to blocking of pain receptors.

Monitoring of sedation and anaesthesia Munich

We are glad to be able to secure the safety of our patients under anaesthesia at all times thanks to an experienced and highly competent member of our team: Dr. Ingrid Winter is an expert in the field, having monitored patients since 1988. She ensures a smooth course of treatment in our oral surgery clinic in order to create optimal conditions for treatment under sedation and anaesthesia at Dr. Butz & Partner. Your oral surgeon for sedation and anaesthesia Munich.


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