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Our Team

Every care provider is only as good as the team behind them. This is why we invest a lot of effort into the selection and development of every single staff member. The core processes of the practice are documented in detail, and all tasks are divided up and assigned to the respective most competent staff member. We are proud of every single member of our team and are happy that it has been growing every year.

Praxisaward Siegel

Focus Siegel Dr. Butz und Partner
Dr. Martin Butz
Managing Director & Senior Partner
Dr. Martina Lutzenberger | Partner
Dr. Dario Fazio | Partner
PD Dr. Angelika Rauch M. Sc.
Dr. Sebastian Grunert | Specialist of oral surgery
Fabian Nehse | Dentist
Luiza Franca | Practice Manager
Berit Peters | Reception
Carolin Bosse | Reception
Petra Saller | Administration
Sarah Raca | Administration
Nadja Schwarz | Administration (external)
Karalina Funkner | Dental hygiene
New: Ann-Kathrin Keper | Dental hygiene
Silvia Wening | Dental hygiene
Linda Dzemla | Assistant
Natalie Sciuto | Assistant
Leona Lorenz | Assistant
New: Luisa Rebhan | Assistant
New: Mihriban Danabas | Assistant
Hena Merzaei | On-the-job training
New: Laura Bosone | On-the-job training
Maria Pongratz | Dental technology, Master
Jasmin Risch | Dental technology
Gabriele Rietz ― Hygiene assistant
Halime Bulut | Administration ― Maternity leave