The International College of Dentists (ICD) is an association dedicated to advancing the infrastructure of dental medicine and improving its quality all over the globe. It copes with this ambitious task in two ways: Firstly, it cultivates humanitarian efforts and gives dentists in less developed countries the opportunity to receive high-level training in their field; secondly, it brings together the best dentists of the world to enable productive exchange of ideas between them.

Since 1920, dentists who have distinguished themselves through “outstanding professional achievement, meritorious service and dedication to the continued progress of dentistry” are invited to join the organisation.

Fellows who in this way have been given the opportunity to use their special skills for the betterment of global dental care now can be found in 122 different countries. The ICD thus allows acclaimed dentists to extend the scope of their work far beyond the boundaries of their office.

As of 2018, Dr. Martin Butz has been honoured and humbled to be a fellow of this important and respectable organisation rich in history and tradition. We hope he will be able to be part of the association’s driving force in the future.

The International College of Dentists (ICD)

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