At the dental practice of Dr. Butz and Partner in the ”Fünf Höfe“ in Munich, we offer professional  teeth whitening, as well as bleaching, using the latest Whitesmile-technology. Discoloration of the teeth can lead to a deterioration of quality of life. Many patients suffer from not being able to smile freely and only being photographed reluctantly by friends and family. Now, after years of study, the desire for whiter teeth can become reality without any harm for teeth or gums. We advise you in detail at Dr. Butz and Partner regarding the right method, scale and intensity of the bleaching treatment. Reasons for discoloring of enamel and dentine can be illnesses, injuries, medical treatments or an excessive intrusion of pigments (nicotine, wine, coffee, tea). Therefore nowadays bleaching is becoming more and more a minimal invasive alternative to the covering of affected teeth with ceramic veneers, which also has a positive effect on the costs of the treatment.

The dentists at Dr. Butz and Partner in Munich are always eager to keep your teeth healthy and – if necessary and required – aesthetically attractive.

Bleaching is one of the most popular methods to give your teeth a better look by whitening them without pain or any negative effects. We will gladly help you determine at the dental practice Dr. Butz and Partner, how many nuances your teeth should be whitened. At Dr. Butz and Partner in Munich we use the latest high energy laser technology to activate the bleaching gels with a high-intensity focused light spectrum, to reach the best result for you in just one treatment session.


You need examination or treatment, but the thought alone makes you uncomfortable or even anxious? We have the latest technology to make your treatment the most relaxed of your life!

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