Endodontics Munich

The dentists at Dr. Butz and Partner in Munich work in an efficiency-oriented practice, and offer their patients all options for ideal tooth preservation and prosthesis. According to our philosophy of maximum tooth preservation, root canal treatment, or endodontics, is a further important area of treatment in our practice in Munich as a last measure before a possible tooth loss. The success rate for a root treatment is very high nowadays – we therefore think that endodontics is an essential method of treatment for the well-being of your teeth. When treating a root canal in the framework of endodontics, the tooth is opened on one side and the microscopically small root canals are cleaned, disinfected and filled, to prevent a new inflammation. Afterwards, the tooth gets stabilised – for instance with a partial crown or crown.

In our dental practice Dr. Butz and Partner in Munich we are very committed to conducting this treatment pain-free and with sensitivity, even if the inflammation is very bad, and we only use the latest state of the art techniques for an optimal long term prognosis.

In an anxiety-free environment, the dental surgery Dr. Butz and Partner in Munich are committed to an optimal preservation of your tooth using the innovative possibilities of endodontics. In most cases, pain resulting from an inflamed root canal will not be eliminated until an endodontic treatment has been conducted. The spectrum of our service comprises, amongst other things, classic root treatment under the operation microscope, revision of suboptimal root fillings and surgical root amputation.


You need examination or treatment, but the thought alone makes you uncomfortable or even anxious? We have the latest technology to make your treatment the most relaxed of your life!

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