Our ambition is to handle the topic of fear of the dentist with sensitivity. To make your dental treatment as comfortable as possible, we take as much time as we need to ensure the anesthesia as well as the upcoming intervention is entirely pain-free for you. Get to know us before you have an appointment and take the opportunity to get your own impression of the practice and the staff. We are happy to discuss all open questions and are looking forward to convincing you that your visit at the dental practice Munich will be without any fear or pain.

Local or general anesthesia?

A further service of our dental practice is our years of work with experienced anesthetics. Therefore you can choose whether you want to be treated under local or general anesthesia. Depending on the form and duration of the intervention, we can offer you different kinds of deep sleep anesthesia and therefore individually meet your requirements.


The latest technological achievement in terms of gentle anaesthesia. Nitrous oxide sedation for the most relaxed treatment of your life without affecting your awareness.

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