Apicectomy Munich

Tooth preservation before tooth replacement: This is one of the central guiding principles of modern dentistry. Even if oral surgery clinic Dr. Butz & Partner Munich has the most effective and high-quality means of tooth replacement available — they are never preferable to a natural tooth.

The most common step taken to preserve a tooth that has already been deeply damaged is root canal treatment (RCT). Due to its importance, this technique constitutes one of the focal points among the qualifications of our highly specialised team of dentists.

In most cases, root canal treatment can stop even advanced dental infections. Sometimes, however, an inflammation has penetrated so deeply into the root that a normal RCT does not promise success or pain remains after RCT is performed. In this case, the last option is oftentimes to perform an apicectomy (root end surgery). The only alternative in such a situation would be the complete removal of the tooth.

Procedure of apicectomy Munich

Root end surgery can be used for a multitude of purposes, such as prevention of complicated infections after severe dental trauma or when a root canal is too curved for regular RCT. However, the most common case in which it is necessary is when an independent site of inflammation is located at the tip of a dental root which can or could not be reached during a root canal treatment. Such an inflammation usually becomes noticeable through tooth aches and extreme responsiveness to pulp sensitivity tests. In the oral surgery clinic Dr. Butz & Partner in Munich, the removal of such a root tip is performed in a small and uncomplicated operation: Under local anaesthesia, an access path is created through the jawbone by our experienced Munich oral surgeons. Using state-of-the-art high-precision instruments, the root is then shortened by a few millimetres. According to necessity and your personal wishes, you can also have your apicectomy performed under sedation or general anaesthesia. However, this is usually not necessary for this simple and common procedure. Consult the experienced team of our oral surgery for advice — the long-term preservation of your health and well-being is our duty. Your oral surgeon for apicectomy Munich.


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