Bone Augmentation Munich

The human jaw is exposed to significant mechanical stress every day. Because of this, the peridontium in which the teeth are anchored has to be both flexible and robust. An essential part of this system is the so-called alveolus (a.k.a. tooth socket), where the root of the tooth is held in the jawbone.

If for whatever reason, bone mass in the jaw is lost, neither teeth nor dental implants can gain sufficient grip in the affected area. In this case, bone augmentation is necessary to restore the supporting structures of the peridontium.

Causes of bone resorption

Similarly to a muscle, the jawbone recedes if it is no longer naturally loaded. If a tooth is lost, the jaw will therefore recede in the respective location. Forms of dental prosthetics which operate without implants into the jawbone (bridges, removable dentures, etc.), cannot prevent this process. But also inflammation of the peridontium (periodontitis) can trigger degradation of the jaw.

In any of these cases, the oral surgery clinic of Dr. Butz & Partner Fünf Höfe Munich gives to the opportunity to have your jawbone professionally restored through bone augmentation.

Procedure of bone augmentation Munich

Depending on where, how, and to what degree bone resorption has occurred, there is a multitude of different procedures that can be used to restore the bone. The replacement material can be autologous (from the patient’s own body), allogenic (from the body of another person), or synthetic. At Dr. Butz & Partner in Munich, we only use materials of the highest quality which are highly compatible with the human body. The range of choice is so wide that we can cater to all of your wishes even if there are individual intolerances. Do not hesitate to ask our oral surgeons about all available options. We strive to deliver results exactly according to your wishes.

Our services include:

  • Socket preservation
  • Sinus lift (maxillary sinus floor elevation)
  • Bone level adjustment
  • Bone spreading
  • Bone splitting
  • Distraction ostheogenesis

Cost of bone augmentation Munich

The expenses for bone augmentation depend on many factors and can therefore vary significantly. The following points are the most important:

  • Different types of diagnostic procedures
  • Amount of bone material to be augmented
  • Position in which bone augmented has to take place
  • Replacement material used

At Dr. Butz & Partner Munich, you are provided detailed counseling before every step in your treatment. An individual weighing of the cost factor is a natural part of this counseling. Together, we will find the best solution for your health. Your oral surgeon for bone augmentation in Munich.


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