Changes in the Oral Mucosa Munich

A dry mouth or bad breath, bleeding gums, burning mouth syndrome, tongue coating and inflammations — the manifestations of changes in the oral mucosa and their related problems can be as diverse as their causes. In these cases, Dr. Butz & Partner in Munich provide professional help for a lasting therapy of the problem with normalisation of the affected mucosal area and permanent pain relief. Furthermore, conditions affecting the oral cavity can oftentimes indicate systemic diseases in the entire body. The most important role which oral surgery has to fulfill in this context, however, is the early detection of oral cancer.

Examination of changes in the mucous membrane Munich

A change of the oral mucosa is to be regarded as potentially cancerous as long as the possibility of a malignant tumour or a precancerous condition has not been unambiguously ruled out. For example, so-called leukoplakias (whitish, non-wipeable patches on the oral mucosa), tend to eventually change into malignant tumours without adequate treatment.

Particular caution is necessary if therapy does not show any sufficient effect after one or two weeks. In this case, the affected area should be treated by an oral surgeon and the tissue should be examined in a laboratory. This procedure is usually small and uncomplicated. It can be performed under local anaesthesia, and the patient can leave the surgery immediately afterwards. The problematic tissue is removed and sent to a histological laboratory, where it can be established with certainty whether the condition is benign or malignant.

Don’t hesitate to consult our Munich oral surgery clinic for professional examination if you notice a change in your oral mucosa. Cancer can look like a normal inflammation in its early stages. If a condition does not go away within one or two weeks, you should be examined by a dentist. Treatment of cancer in its early stages is significantly easier than it used to be thanks to modern medicine. Early detection can therefore save lives. Your oral surgeon for changes in the mucous membrane Munich.

Early diagnosis of oral cancer Munich

The medical significance of changes in the oral mucosa ranges from complete harmlessness to malignant tumours with profound effects on the health of the entire body. For this reason, our oral surgeons at Dr. Butz & Partner Munich consider it their special responsibility to include a check in every examination for changes in the mucous membrane which call for a sample to be taken for further microscopic examination.


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