Cone Beam Computer Tomography (CBCT) — 3D x-ray scanning Munich


With cone beam computer tomography (CBCT), Dr. Butz & Partner in Fünf Höfe Munich offers you state-of-the-art diagnostics and treatment in the fields of endodontics and implantology. This technology originated within dentistry, but due to its great advantages is now also used in other fields of medicine. Whereas older techniques of creating x-ray pictures provide a 2D image, we can generate a 3D model of your jaw with the help of cone beam computer tomography in our oral surgery clinic Munich. This enables us to achieve a much more detailed insight into your bone and tooth structure compared to other procedures involving x-rays. This is especially valuable in situations when exact information about the dimensions of the jaw is needed before the placement of an implant or when the positions of root canals need to be precisely determined before root canal treatment.

Cone beam computer tomography vs. other 3D x-ray techniques Munich

The superiority of CBCT in our Munich oral surgery clinic over other x-ray technologies also holds true within the field of 3D x-ray. For instance, in traditional computer tomography (CT), a large number of cross-sectional 2D images of the examined area is generated and then assembled by a computer to form a pseudo-3D image. In contrast to this, CBCT captures the entire region in one go. This not only results in a much simpler procedure which does not involve the unpleasant movement restrictions of CT scanning. DVT also exposes patients to a 75–80% lower dosis of radiation. Despite this ease of use, cone beam computer tomography provides excellent image quality: Since the area examined is scanned from a multitude of different angles, the model is created in isometric spatial resolution and can be rotated and edited at will.

The only disadvantage of this technology is the time-consuming training required by the complex software — but we already took care of this for you.

The cone beam computer tomography procedure Munich

DVT is a high-tech procedure which produces highly precise 3D x-ray images at minimal expense compared to it predecessors. For our patients, a DVT scan means nothing more than keeping their head steady for a few seconds while sitting or standing in a comfortable position. There is no need for any kind of body fixation or restriction as you might be familiar with from CT scans. We can thus provide you comfortable x-ray scanning in our oral surgery clinic in Munich. Your oral surgeon for cone beam computer tomography München.

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