Frenuloplasty of Lip and Tongue Munich

The labial frenula are small folds of tissue between the incisors which connect the insides of the upper and lower lip with the jaw; the lingual frenulum does the same with the bottom of the tongue, connecting it to the mouth base. If these frenula are too short, several complications can ensue. Because of this, the oral surgery clinic Dr. Butz & Partner provides the possibility of frenuloplasty in Munich. In this small and uncomplicated intervention, shortness of the frenulum can be corrected in order to avoid short- and long-term problems.

The sooner the correction is made, the better complications can be prevented. Therefore, the technique is most commonly used on small children. However, correction of a frenulum can also be indicated on adults in some cases where it interferes with the functionality of dentures. You can obtain more information on this topic under Preprosthetic Surgery.

Necessity of a correction of the labial and lingual frenulum Munich

Frenulum is the medical term for any kind of tissue which restricts the motion of a mobile organ. Within the mouth, they are found securing the motion of the lips, tongue, and cheeks. Shortness of a frenulum can usually already be identified in newborn infants and can cause both immediate and longer-term problems:

  • Short lingual frenulum (ankyloglossia, tongue tie): Difficulty swallowing; indentation of the protruded tongue
  • Short labial frenulum (lip tie): Gum recession; formation of tooth gaps
  • Short lingual or labial frenulum: Obstruction of oral hygiene; chronic inflammations; lisping and other impairments in child language acquisition (e.g. through restricted mobility of the tongue)

A surgical correction of the frenulum should be made within the first five years of a person’s life. If a short labial frenulum is corrected early, orthodontic treatment (braces) can often be avoided during adolescence.

Procedure of frenuloplasty Munich

Correction of a frenulum is one of the simplest and easiest surgical interventions offered at Dr. Butz & Partner in Fünf Höfe Munich. Our young patients receive anaesthesia under surveillance by a highly specialised and experienced anaesthetist. Thanks to the the most gentle and easily tolerated medication modern dentistry has to offer, they will spend the 20-minute operation in a peaceful sleep. Postoperative pain is usually minimal, and pain medication is not needed. If a suture is necessary, it can be removed in our Munich oral surgery clinic after a few days. Your oral surgeon for frenuloplasty Munich.


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