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The gums play a central role in stabilising and protecting the teeth. If they recede, this can have far-reaching consequences for the oral health: Dentin sensitivity, susceptibility of the dentin to plaque, and root caries are only a few of them. If a correction of the gums is necessary, the oral surgery clinic Dr. Butz & Partner in Fünf Höfe Munich offers you all techniques and procedures of gum surgery used in modern dentistry to restore the beauty and sense of well-being of healthy gums.

The goal of these techniques is first and foremost optimal health. However, diseased gums can impair a patient’s well-being through more than just physical discomfort. For many, discoloured or receded gums also constitute a psychological burden. They are unable to smile freely. In gum surgery, our Munich oral surgeons are therefore always concerned with using their qualified precision work for creating immaculate results that are not only medically, but also aesthetically pleasing. Hence, in our oral surgery clinic Munich, we also offer gum surgery within the framework of aesthetic dentistry.

Application of gum surgery Munich

Generally speaking, there are two situations in which the oral surgeons of Dr. Butz & Partner Munich perform operations involving the gums:

Gingival recession

Bruxism (grinding of teeth), gingivitis, wrong or lacking oral hygiene, smoking and many other problems can cause the gums to lastingly recede and expose parts of the dental cervix which are reliant on protection by the gums. This, in turn, causes them to become prone to further problems. While the aforementioned problems of course have to be treated independently from the gingival recession itself, the gums oftentimes do not regenerate even if the causes of the recession are cured. In this case, gum surgery can either transplant tissue in a variety of different procedures, or encourage it to regenerate using special techniques. These interventions are usually uncomplicated and involve only minor postoperative pain. At the end of the healing period, it will be impossible to recognise from the outside that your gums ever receded.

Excessive gums

For some people, the amount of gum tissue visible to others while smiling is a cause of mental discomfort which can reduce their quality of life. This depends on many factors:

  • Amount and position of the gums
  • Size and shape of the teeth
  • Length and range of motion of the upper lip
  • Position of the upper jaw in relation to the skull

If the proportions between these aspects happen to be unfavourable, this results in a so-called gummy smile. The smile is dominated by the gums and makes the teeth appear short. This subjective problem can be resolved at Dr. Butz & Partner in a simple and gentle intervention adjusting the abovementioned proportions. The effect is immediately visible and the patient can smile again without concern.

Do you have a problem with your gums? Do not hesitate to talk to the team of our oral surgery clinic in Fünf Höfe. We provide you with competent advice and inform you about your options. Let us make your smile look the best it can. Your oral surgeon for gum surgery Munich.


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