PRF Membrane Munich

One of our fundamental beliefs at the oral surgery clinic Dr. Butz & Partner Munich is that competent and trustworthy medical service means keeping up with the times. This is why we offer you one of the most modern procedures of implantology: PRF membranes are an example of progression in dentistry thanks to their uncomplicated production, high effectiveness and perfect tolerability. They speed up the natural process of healing significantly and are entirely made from material from the patient’s own body, resulting in a 0% risk of intolerance. All of these advantages have been confirmed through excellent results in scientific studies.

Range of application of PRF membranes Munich

Fibrin is a blood component that plays a crucial role in wound healing: Both in blood clotting and in scar formation, fibrin is the natural “glue” which helps close the wound. On the basis of this everyday healing process, a technology has been developed in France where fibrin components from a patient’s blood are collected in a concentrated membrane which is then placed in or on a wound to greatly accelerate the healing process. Because these membranes also contain a high percentage of platelets, they are called Platelet Rich Fibrin Membranes.

Our Munich oral surgery clinic makes use of this exceptional technology. In implantology, time is an important factor in the course of treatment: Since the jawbone is constantly receding after tooth loss, implants should be placed as quickly as possible after the loss. If the bone has already receded, steps have to be taken in order to reform it. This considerably draws out the period of time until an implant is placed and finally grown together with the bone. PRF membranes are therefore of significant use for the purpose of accelerating the healing process after a tooth extraction or in the context of bone augmentation.

Fabrication of PRF membranes Munich

At the oral surgery clinic Dr. Butz & Partner in Fünf Höfe Munich, you have the opportunity to have several PRF membranes prepared within less than 15 minutes. All it takes is a small blood sample. An in-house centrifuge separates the different blood components to create a PRF clot which is then pressed into a 1 mm thick membrane by a specialised medical press. Our oral surgeons will specifically use it to speed up healing and thus the entire treatment. Since only components from the patient’s own body are used, there are no concerns regarding tolerance. In this way, the process of treatment as a whole becomes more comfortable for you and long-lasting results are achieved more quickly. Your oral surgeon for PRF membranes Munich.


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