Removal of Salivary Stones Munich


Similarly to kidney stones and gallstones, calcified deposits can accumulate in salivary glands or their excretory ducts, causing swelling and pain in the affected area. If salivary flow is inhibited by a salivary stone, these symptoms typically coincide with increased production of saliva, e.g. when eating food. In addition, there is sometimes also a recognizable dryness of the mouth caused by the decreased amount of saliva. In very rare cases, salivary stones can also be found on accident without causing any symptoms, e.g. during a regular medical check-up.

Salivary stones have to be removed in all cases before further complications ensue, such as inflammation of the salivary gland or formation of an abscess.

Treatment of salivary stones Munich

In our oral surgery clinic in Munich, we can choose between two general methods of treatment when removing salivary stones: Conservative therapy oder surgery.

If possible, a salivary stone should be removed without surgical intervention. This can be achieved through measures which increase salivation, such as sucking on a lemon or chewing gum; massaging the affected salivary gland; widening of the duct through stretching; or sometimes direct removal by means of special instruments. At Dr. Butz & Partner in Fünf Höfe Munich, we also have the option of breaking up a salivary stone into small particles by means of controlled shock waves (lithotripsy). This ambulatory treatment has been made possible through refinement of the procedure developed for removing kidney stones and gallstones.

If salivary stone removal is not possible by means of these procedures, the stone can be removed via surgical intervention. In our Munich oral surgery clinic, you can undergo this treatment under local anaesthesia, sedation or general anaesthesia according to your needs and wishes.

After a salivary stone removal Munich

After the surgical removal of a salivary stone, you should follow the usual rules of post-operative behaviour. You can find a comprehensive compilation of these rules on our website (Practice –› Downloads –› Postoperative Behaviour). However, like in any other case, our oral surgeons of Dr. Butz & Partner Munich will also inform you about important details and happily answer your individual questions. We care about your health — don’t hesitate to approach us. Your oral surgeon for removal of salivary stones Munich.

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