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If the typical symptoms of a cold, like coughing and sniffles, are accompanied by other problems — such as headaches, pain when biting down, or an unpleasant feeling of pressure in the facial area which may become stronger when climbing stairs or bending over — then this probably means that a bacterial infection has spread from the nose to the sinuses: You have sinusitis. In this case, you can be sure to receive a treatment that lives up to the highest expectations in the oral surgery clinic Dr. Butz & Partner in Fünf Höfe Munich, using traditionally proven methods and modern technology.

Causes of sinusitis

The causes of sinusitis are usually linked to insufficient ventilation of the sinuses. Most commonly, this complication arises from a cold or flu, which often cause inflamed and swollen tonsils or a blocked nose. However, other problems, such as allergies, abnormal tissue formations (polyps, cysts), or unfavourable bodily dispositions (e.g. an unusually shaped septum) can also hinder air circulation and drainage of nasal secretion to an extent that gives rise to sinusitis. Moreover, if a tooth becomes inflamed (e.g. by impaction of a wisdom tooth), this inflammation can spread to the sinuses as well.

Treatment of sinusitis Munich

Sinusitis can not only be painful and discomforting; it also can cause further complications. The inflammation can spread to the throat, middle ear, other sinuses and lower respiratory tract. A blocked sinus furthermore gives the already present bacteria an ideal environment to further multiply and consistently cause inflammatory processes. This can finally lead to chronic sinusitis, which the body cannot cure by itself. The inflammation therefore has to receive medical attention.

If conservative therapy by means of antibiotics, nasal spray, antiallergic treatment, etc. does not have the desired effect (or is not an option, e.g. in case of polyps), surgery becomes necessary.

Procedure of sinus surgery Munich

Within oral surgery, sinus surgery has been conducted for a long time. Surgical technology has improved significantly during this time. Thanks to this, sinus surgery can now usually be performed ambulatorily and under local anaesthetic in our oral surgery clinic Dr. Butz & Partner Munich. However, our Munich oral surgeons can also perform the operation with the use of sedation or general anaesthesia according to your needs and personal wishes.

At Dr. Butz & Partner, all problems are remedied during sinus surgery and the affected regions are thoroughly sanitised. Our oral surgeons use the gentle techniques of modern dentistry and treat you in a way which not only ensures permanent improvement of the original problem, but also quick and uncomplicated post-operative healing. You oral surgeon for sinus surgery Munich.


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