Tooth accident Munich

Did you just have a tooth accident? Keep calm and follow the instructions below after the paragraph containing the most basic informationsy. We have outlined the most important points of correct behaviour after a tooth accident for you. Even in cases of severe dental trauma, your teeth can be salvaged.

You can keep your teeth healthy all your life through oral hygiene and regular check-ups. However, it is always possible that your teeth are damaged in an accident. If this unforseeable scenario occurs, you can count on the oral surgeons of Dr. Butz & Partner in Munich. In our oral surgery clinic within Fünf Höfe Munich, we are often able to minimise or even mend damage from dental trauma. Because of this, you should and need not panic if after an accident, your tooth is loose, chipped or entirely knocked out. Follow the steps below and immediately consult our specialists at our Munich oral surgery clinic. There is a high chance that we will be able to avoid long-term complications. We will do everything in our power to save your teeth after the unfortunate incident of a tooth accident. Your oral surgeon for tooth accidents Munich.

Correct behaviour after a tooth accident

  • First things first: Remain calm, even if you feel very upset. Oftentimes imprudent actions after the accident cause greater problems than the accident itself.
  • With the help of a mirror or another person, determine which parts of your mouth have been injured in the accident.
  • Swellings need to be cooled, heavy bleeding should be stopped with a compress or clean cloth. Do not use tissue paper if possible.
  • You cannot identify any damage to your teeth from the outside? Visit us anyway — it is possible that your teeth have suffered inner damage such as a broken root.
  • There are one or more loose or dislocated teeth? Do not touch them or try to push them into a different position. Leave everything as it is and immediately see someone at our practice or the dental emergency service.

If teeth are chipped or knocked out after a tooth accident

  • Look for the teeth or pieces of teeth and carefully collect them. Never touch a tooth fragment at the root, but always at the crown. Do not try to clean knocked out tooth material.
  • Place the tooth or the piece in a tooth saver box. Tooth saver boxes can be obtained at pharmacies or at our practice Dr. Butz & Partner.
  • If there is no tooth saver box available, the best place for storing a knocked out tooth is your mouth. This may cost you a significant amount of effort; however, the moisture within your oral cavity is the best environment for conserving your tooth in this case.
  • Alternatively, you can store the tooth in a different kind of moist environment, such as in UHT milk or a light saline solution. However, these are only suitable to a limited extent compared to a tooth saver box.
  • After you have stored your tooth, immediately visit our practice or the dental emergency service.


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