Tooth exposure Munich

As medical service providers, our oral surgeons at Dr. Butz & Partner in Munich consider it their duty to give any patient the exact treatment they need. This doesn’t only mean solving any problem safely and thoroughly, but also achieving this with the least amount of treatment necessary. As much as necessary, as little as possible – this is the motto by which the team of experts at Dr. Butz & Partner is always trying to eliminate problematic structures without affecting healthy ones.

This is especially relevant when treating an impacted tooth. In this case, a tooth is unable to erupt into the mouth and stays within the gum. The most typical example of this phenomenon is that of wisdom teeth, which are oftentimes prevented from erupting through the gum by a lack of space next to the molars. They are usually surgically removed, resulting in a loss of tooth material. To avoid the loss of these teeth, there is an alternative to the removal of impacted teeth. In combination with orthodontic treatment, they can be exposed in our oral surgery clinic in Munich and subsequently moved to another position where they can be integrated into the otherwise healthy row of teeth.

Exposure of impacted teeth Munich

An impacted tooth can occur in any position within the jaw; however, the most common cases are wisdom teeth, canines and the second premolars. Especially for young patients whose jaws are still growing, exposing an impacted tooth is often possible in our oral surgery clinic Munich. For this purpose, space is first created through orthodontic treatment if necessary. Then, the tooth is exposed through oral surgery so that it can be moved to a free position in the row of teeth. Thus, a healthy tooth ends up being in a functional position — the best result that any dental treatment can achieve.

For our Munich oral surgeons, it is always the highest goal to maintain the healthiest and most natural state your teeth can be in. Because of this, the oral surgery clinic Dr. Butz & Partner guarantees to preserve your teeth wherever they can. Your oral surgeon for tooth exposure Munich.


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