Tooth Removal Munich

The extraction of a tooth is one of the oldest procedures in dentistry. In the early stages of medicine, a damaged tooth was oftentimes simply extracted. Today, thanks to modern dentistry, we know that the natural state of the teeth should be preserved wherever possible. The priority of tooth conservation is therefore one of the central guiding principles of the entire practice Dr. Butz & Partner.

Reasons for tooth removal Munich

Even with serious problems like a necrotic dental root or severely malpositioned teeth, our Munich oral surgeons will take into account every possibility of preserving a tooth without exception. However, there are cases when even within modern dentistry, the best option to ensure a patient’s health and freedom from pain is the removal of the tooth. Some of these cases are:

  • Wisdom teeth without possibility of unproblematic eruption due to lack of space
  • Severe periodontal problems such as serious loss of stability without prospect of regeneration
  • Severe fractures with fracture lines which make tooth preservation impossible
  • Teeth which cause progessive infections and directly compromise the health of adjacent teeth
  • Diseases of the pulp without possibility of lasting endodontic therapy
  • Teeth with an otherwise high degree of degeneration (e.g. very advanced caries)
  • In some cases, before other treatments (e.g. chemotherapy, organ transplantation with immunosuppression)
  • Functionless root fragments

Procedure of tooth removal Munich

At Dr. Butz & Partner in Fünf Höfe Munich, you are provided detailed counseling and informed about your options before any surgical intervention. Before a removal of teeth, we first take x-rays in our oral surgery clinic Munich in oder to be able to work out a detailed plan and avoid possible complications. These x-rays grant us deep insight into the position and the disease pattern of the affected tooth. With respect to these insights, the tooth is then removed from the jaw with the utmost care and caution. This can usually be done under local anaesthesia; at our Munich oral surgery clinic, however, you can also have your tooth removal performed under sedation or general anaesthesia according to necessity and your personal wishes.

After a removal of teeth Munich

After an operation removing teeth, you should follow the usual rules of post-operative behaviour. You can find a comprehensive compilation of these rules on our website (Practice –› Downloads –› Postoperative Behaviour). However, like in any other case, our oral surgeons of Dr. Butz & Partner Munich will also inform you about important details and happily answer your questions. We care about your health — don’t hesitate to approach us. Your oral surgeon for removal of teeth Munich.


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