Due to hormonal changes, gum and caries sensitivity can worsen during pregnancy. During this time, gums are supplied with more blood, and the connective tissue is loosened. But do not worry, the old saying that ”every child costs a tooth“ is outdated thanks to modern dental medicine. With appropriate prophylaxis, symptoms can be normalised quickly and chronic diseases of the gum like periodontitis or caries can be prevented. The dentists at the practice of Dr. Butz and Partner in Munich offer you an individual prophylaxis care plan.

This does not only consist of professional dental cleaning. Our dentists will explain the risks your teeth are exposed to during pregnancy and how you can prevent them. You are unsure whether you already have symptoms? One example of a symptom to take seriously is bleeding gums.

The dentists at the dental practice Dr. Butz and Partner in Munich not only help you recognise risks early and minimize them, but also give you tips for everyday life during pregnancy. Many women suffer from sickness during the first three months. What a lot of people do not however know is that it is not advisable to brush your teeth directly after sickness. It is better to only rinse your mouth with water and brush your teeth after around half an hour; otherwise, the acid attacks the enamel. This and further tips can be received at the dental practice of Dr. Butz and Partner in Munich, offering the easiest way to incorporate prophylaxis during pregnancy individually into your everyday life. Visit the dentists of Dr. Butz and Partner in Munich. We would be happy to advise you


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