Our biggest goal is to keep your teeth and gums healthy. Thanks to the modern dentistry which is exclusively used in the practice Dr. Butz and Partner in Munich, tooth preservation is promoted for example via endodontic treatments of the tooth, meaning root canal treatments with subsequent filling of the root canals and stabilization of the tooth. Modern filling therapy has become a true alternative to veneers and prostheses depending on the size of the restoration. No prosthesis is ever as good as a healthy tooth. The dentists at Dr. Butz and Partner in Munich make every effort also with fillings to achieve a natural shape of the tooth, which you cannot differentiate from real teeth, and natural aesthetics.

We exclusively use premium-quality products which have been tested in independent studies and received the best results.

If wished we can remove old and unattractive amalgam fillings and replace them for instance with more aesthetic, healthier and far more robust inlays made from ceramics. Dr. Butz and Partner in Munich are happy to advise you individually on the options for your personal tooth preservation. We inform you comprehensively about the risks and answer all your questions regarding tooth preservation and endodontic treatments in our practice in Munich. Your smile should make you happy.


You need examination or treatment, but the thought alone makes you uncomfortable or even anxious? We have the latest technology to make your treatment the most relaxed of your life!

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