Innovative 60-minute service


Our Munich master laboratory Cera-Technik has specialised in the digital manufacture of full-ceramic prostheses. We followed the development of digital dental technology since its beginnings 25 years ago and helped to shape it. Today, with our know-how, we can achieve results that by far exceed conventional dental technology in terms of quality, costs and speed. By virtue of experience, passion and the willingness to innovate, our dental laboratory in Munich has established itself as one of the largest specialists in Europe. Leading companies from the dental industry and trade ask consultants from Cera-Technik for advice when it comes to innovative dental technology.

To utilise the full potential of the fully digital process, we offer a 60-minute service for inlays, partial crowns and crowns. Analogue impressions, as well as the creation of a provisional dental prosthesis, can be avoided with this technology. The dentists at the dental practice of Dr. Butz and Partner in the “Fünf Höfe” in Munich are happy to give you more information on CEREC inlays and ceramic inlays as well as on the application possibilities for your teeth. Take advantage of our knowledge and experience and use only high-quality inlays, crowns etc for your teeth, produced according to the latest techniques. CEREC inlays and ceramic inlays „made in Munich“.