Reliability, Confidence, and a Good Feeling

Highest quality standards down to the smallest detail

As a long-established enterprise we have very high standards regarding the quality of our work. We believe in this promise and therefore give you a five year guarantee on restorations produced by our laboratories instead of the usual two years.

Material from leading manufacturers

We only use materials of the highest quality from leading manufacturers in Germany and which have been tested and approved in independent long-term studies. As material testers, we are also closely involved in the production of new materials ourselves. Through such studies, we can offer you materials at the cutting edge of modern dentistry which, after successful testing, enable new developments in the field of dental prostheses. We will happily inform you in detail and can also provide you with material samples for allergological studies upon request.

State-of-the-art equipment and hygiene standards

In our Munich practice, we work with the most modern technologies and a hygiene standard fulfilling the full range of RKI law (Infection Protection Act). Routine checks and comprehensive documentation are a matter of course. We welcome a look behind the scenes and will happily show you our instruments and materials before you come into direct contact with them.


Highlights of our hygiene process chain include:

  • Extensive regular training of our staff
  • Comprehensive central water treatment and disinfection
  • Validated instrument preparation according to RKI norms (Infection Protection Act)

Standardised processes and procedures

The high standardisation of our processes and the detailed documentation of all internal procedures ensure a constant high quality. Through this, we guarantee the perfect framework for a comfortable and professionally supervised visit to our practice — both technologically and through our personnel.

Continuous training of our dentists and staff

We constantly educate ourselves and also exchange case-specific experiences with experts of all kinds of different fields to stay up-to-date for you. Approximately 200 colleagues from Germany and abroad visit our practice each year for our own training events. We thus ensure a lively exchange and our ability to keep living up to the highest expectations in the future.