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Your smile is your business card…

We always aim to make sure that all of our treatments achieve the best aesthetic and functional result for our patients. Your teeth will not only look great after the treatment but will also be a source of lasting satisfaction for many years to come. This is why we also guarantee the materials and processing for significantly longer than legally required. We supply ceramic veneers for over 1,000 teeth every year. You can read a small selection of our current case studies here. We would like to invite you to visit our central laboratory and get to know our excellent dental technicians, who support us in all case planning and, alongside our team of dentists, make a major contribution to the aesthetic success of each commission.

Dr. Martin Butz

Praxis+ Award 2023 Banner Continuity Award Rubin

Case study 1

Vorher | Fallbeispiel 1 Nachher | Fallbeispiel 1
Aesthetic work

on the front teeth using digital impressions obtained from 3D-printed models

Case study 2

Vorher | Fallbeispiel 2 Nachher | Fallbeispiel 2
Trauma to the front teeth following an incident while playing sports

Rapid aesthetic care using synthetic material (Klaiber/Vanini methods)

Case study 3

Vorher | Fallbeispiel 3 Nachher | Fallbeispiel 3
Tetracycline damage to a young woman’s teeth

Full restoration of chewing function after completed orthodontic treatment, using ceramic veneers for an aesthetically pleasing result

Case study 4

Vorher | Fallbeispiel 4 Nachher | Fallbeispiel 4
Short, misaligned front teeth

Aesthetic treatment using veneers

Case study 5

Vorher | Fallbeispiel 5 Nachher | Fallbeispiel 5
Inharmonious tooth shape and position

Aesthetic treatment involving veneers and gap closure

Case study 6

Vorher | Fallbeispiel 6 Nachher | Fallbeispiel 6
Trauma to the front teeth following an incident while playing sports

Rapid aesthetic first aid using synthetic material (Klaiber/Vanini methods)

Case study 7

Vorher | Fallbeispiel 7 Nachher | Fallbeispiel 7
Aesthetic work with veneers

Difference between the temporary and final result

Case study 8

Vorher | Fallbeispiel 8 Nachher | Fallbeispiel 8
Anterior open bite

Harmonious compensation using ceramic veneers

Case study 9

Vorher | Fallbeispiel 9 Nachher | Fallbeispiel 9
Deep bite with existing class 2

Ceramic restoration and creation of a harmonious occlusion after bite elevation

Case study 10

Vorher | Fallbeispiel 10 Nachher | Fallbeispiel 10
Single tooth implant with immediate loading

at the front of the upper jaw, full ceramic crown colour-matched to existing metal-ceramic crowns

Case study 11

Vorher | Fallbeispiel 11 Nachher | Fallbeispiel 11
Full ceramic restoration

of the upper and lower jaw using a digital impression and an implant at the front of the upper jaw

Case study 12

Vorher | Fallbeispiel 12 Nachher | Fallbeispiel 12
Multiple agenesis and conical teeth

Functional and aesthetic rehabilitation with ceramic adhesive bridges

Case study 13

Vorher | Fallbeispiel 13 Nachher | Fallbeispiel 13
Aesthetic rehabilitation

In the front with an asymmetrical course of the gyms

Case study 14

Vorher | Fallbeispiel 14 Nachher | Fallbeispiel 14
Minimally invasive beautification

The front teeth with composite material

Case study 15

Vorher | Fallbeispiel 15 Nachher | Fallbeispiel 15